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CLICKS – 2.5 size Squid Jigs


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Clicks – 2.5 size Squid Jigs



Clicks – 2.5 size Squid Jigs

Clicks has been named “The Best Jigs on the Planet” is a combination of our attention to detail, in depth research, quality control and passion for what we do. This has made Clicks the Number 1 choice for Professional EGI Masters around the world. Read below to see what key features Clicks use to make them “The Best Jigs on the Planet”!

Clicks Prospec lures are made from an ABS resin body and are super tough as well as providing excellent stability and buoyancy in the water.

They are then perfectly finished with a beautifully coloured cloth body and unique eyed to grab the attention of the passing squid.

Specially designed to imitate natural movement, dive rate and appearance in it’s natural habit. Fitted with super sharp hardened needles in a dual crown array. Designed for all types of Eging (squid fishing).


The colours you see in the Clicks range haven’t been chosen by chance. Our Research and Development team put Clicks through rigorous real life field testing and in depth scientific research in our labs based in Japan.


The keels ergonomic design minimises drag helping mimic a fish swimming in it’s habitat, maximising the potential to attract Squid. The weight and size of the keel provide the optimal sink rate and sit angle.


The Pin Hook design come second to none in strength and durability! Part of what has made the “Clicks” so successful is that the pin hooks are razor sharp. Once the hook pins penetrate the tentacles, the squid can’t disengage.


We have worked long and hard to re create a natural looking skins to deceive the most discerning squid. Each jig has an individual pattern which help it in different situations so no matter where your fishing your bound to catch squid.


Most Jig rings can’t compare to Clicks craftsmanship. The ring has been designed to hold weights in excess of 3 Kg’s and has been tried and tested multiple times in extreme situations so that squid won’t get away due to bad craftsmanship.

Colours available :

  • #001 Pink Marble
  • #002 Orange Marble
  • #004 Orange / Gold
  • #005 Sugipinku
  • #006 Cedar Orange Gold
  • #007 Deep Impact / Gold
  • #009 Aji Gold
  • #32
  • #012 Sugipinku/Red
  • #013 Cedar Orange/Red
  • #014 Deep Impact
  • #017 Satsuma Green
  • #018 Natural Flow
  • #021 Satsuma Orange
  • #022 Satsuma Black Smoke
  • #030 Black Magma
  • #A91 Pearl White
  • #A92 Harlequin Black

Available sizes :

  • 2.5 (weight : 9.5g, size :98mm)
  • 3.0 (weight : 13.5g, size :120mm)
  • 3.0 Deep (weight : 14g, size : 120mm)


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