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GAN CRAFT Egiya Australian Native Series 3.0


Gan Craft in conjunction with world renowned squid fisher, Paul Carter have developed a range of jigs specifically for the Australian market.

Many jigs supplied world wide are just generic colours, however, Gan Craft have a unique range that reflect the species of fish found in Australia, and in turn, are hunted by squid in Australia also.

This particular series also feature extremely high quality cloth covering and have a defined fall and dart action when worked in the water. They are incredibly well balanced to avoid unnecessary rolling of a jig while allowing it to drop before working along the top of weed beds.

These jigs come very highly recommended by squid hunters world wide.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 40 × 180 × 20 mm

AUS-08, AUS-12, AUS-14, AUS-17, AUS-19, AUS-20, AUS-21, AUS-24, AUS-25, AUS-26, AUS-27, AUS-34, AUS-35, AUS-37, AUS-38, AUS-39, AUS-40, AUS15, AUS41



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