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YOSHIKAWA R Series size 4.0 Squid Jig

$4.00 $9.99

Knife edged sinker & Slim head shape make for great slide action. Line eye is not swivel, It’s reduce the ”break Line eye” due to metal fatigue by long time used. Features

  • Slim style head
  • Knife edge style sinker
  • Equipped with Super fine stainless steel hooks – better Hooking than regular Hook due to Sharp and wide Hooking area.
  • Super fine Hook isn’t equipped Nylon Line.It reduce to problem of break to pieces of Hook.
  • All have transparent and full glow bodies

The Yoshikawa  R Series squid jigs are the best value for money squid jig in the Yoshikawa range, the Yoshikawa R Series  jigs in size 4.0 are a great all round size for fishing estuaries and off the rock when the conditions are good, The  Yoshikawa R Series Squid jigs are great for boat fishing when casting into shallow water towards the bank as the cast well but do not sink to fast. The Yoshikawa R Series Squid jigs have proven themselves to be as succesfull as many other squid jigs on the market that are twice the price.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 180 × 450 × 25 mm

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