Adusta Silent Blaster 140mm


ADUSTA Silent Blaster 140mm
Length: 140mm
Weight: 45g
Type: Surface

Category: Boating, Teasers & Dredges
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The double impact of explosive rattle sounds and extreme water displacement makes this a maximum power wake bait.Max power wake bait- Silent Blaster- has a large fat and highly buoyant body to keep the lure waking on the surface. This body mimics big bait and creates water movement that attracts all fish eaters. Built-in large rattle balls produce an explosive Bass knocking sound. Also- the unique tuning sound mechanism is built into the tail for accurate metal sounds. Both Bass rattle sound and distinctive metal sound attract all fish eaters from a wide area. You can customize tail parts for different fishing conditions.Specifications:- Length: 140mm- Weight: 45g- Type: Surface

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