Little Jack Sayoris+ 120mm

Little Jack Sayoris+ 120mm
Garfish Imitation Lure- Level Sinking- Natural rolling action
Size: 120mm- Weight: 21g

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Category: Surface & Topwater Lures
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Garfish Imitation Lure- Long Casting Level Sinking- Natural rolling action
Size: 120mm- Weight: 21g
Since the release of the first model in 2007 with the catchphrase “Controlling the Sayori Bachi pattern”- SAYORIS is a unique type of lure that gains overwhelming support from anglers pursuing fishing results at home and abroad. SAYORIS+ has inherited that DNA- pursued form action- and made further progress. The increased strength of the solid body also makes it easier to use in offshore and produces an amazing flight distance comparable to metal jigs. Here is the culmination of not only the Sayori / Bachi pattern- but the series that controls all fields.
Even if it is just rolled- it produces a natural roll action. Twitch or jerk By adding it- it is possible to produce a bait that escapes. The roll-based action makes the trace line clear and allows you to capture the bright and dark areas. In addition- the range can be selected by raising the rod- and it boasts high versatility from the surface to the bottom of the flock.

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