Master Pro Octopus Circle Hooks


– MASTER PRO Octopus Circle Hooks
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The MasterPro “Pre-Tied Snelled Chemically Sharpened Octopus Circle Hooks” are perfect for fishermen on the go. Professionally tied- these Octopus Circle Hooks are great for a range of species from Bream to Snapper.

This offset circle design is the perfect deepwater bottom fishing hook with paternoster ‘dropper-style’ rigs or normal boat fishing with cut baits. When using this hook- anglers do not strike on the bite; rather- the fish is allowed to run with the bait- and as the line comes tight- the hook will roll into the corner of the fish’s mouth. This is a great hook to use for ‘lazy’ rigs fished from a rod holder- as fish simply hook themselves.

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