Kamashark Wood Poppers 185mm & 240mm

KAMASHARK Wood Poppers
WF11 Series: 240mm- 190g
WF12 Series: 185mm- 160g

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SKU: 35749
Category: Surface & Topwater Lures
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Kamashark Wood Poppers are finely designed in Japan and tested by specialized fishermen. All Poppers use techniques from Japan mounted with sharp high carbon hooks with double forged split rings. KAMASHARK Wobblers are tested to be excellent fishing lures for sea and ocean fishing. They are made with strong stainless steel wires all the way through to ensure the fish will not run off from the lures.
The lures come in the following two sizes and three colors:
WF11 Series: 240mm- 190g
– 3G03
– 3G04
– 3G05
WF12 Series: 185mm- 160g
– 2G03
– 2G04
– 2G05

Weight: 240 g
Dimensions: 65 × 40 × 300 mm

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