Vtackle Rig Skirt (Hook Size 2/0) 110mm


VTACKLE Rig Skirt with 2/0 Hook Size- 110mm length. Available in green- lumo- and pink.

SKU: 36362
Category: Skirts & Accessories
Tags: lure, lures, neon green lure, neon green lures, pink lure, pink lures, salt water lure, salt water lures, soft body lure, soft body plastic lure, soft plastic body lure, soft plastic lure, vtackle lure, vtackle lures

Squid Length: 4-3/4 inch (11cm or 110mm)
Each Octopus skirt has 2 hooks in size 2/0.
Alluring skirt that performs a tantalising dance beneath the waves.
Made with premium PVC plastics and UV pigmentation.

Weight: 100 g
Dimensions: 190 × 70 × 20 mm

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