Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail (3″ – 10pcs, 4″ – 8pcs)


DAMIKI Armor Shad Paddle Tail

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Category: Soft Plastics
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Perfect for cold water and pressured fish, the Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail offers an enticing small shad imitation that triggers big bites. Featuring a small paddle tail that produces a subtle kicking action, its ribbed body also provides a natural profile that fish find irresistible. The Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait can be used on a wide range on applications.Loaded with scent for an added level of attraction, the Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait is crafted from soft yet durable plastic that provides a lifelike feel that makes fish hold on longer. Available in a variety of deadly colors, the Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait will help you put more fish in the boat when the bite gets tough.Sizes and colours available below:

  • 3 inch (10pcs) – Rp Blue Pearl, Sb Chart, Pure Gill, Pb Silver
  • 4 inch (8pcs) – Pure Gill, Rp Blue Pearl
Weight: 50 g
Dimensions: 120 × 170 × 10 mm

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