Atomic Hardz Slim Twitcher 110 DEEP – Ghost Gill Brown


  • 110mm
  • Type: Suspending
  • Length 110mm
  • Depth 3.0m
  • Weight 15.8g
  • Action tight wobble and rolling

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Category: Hard Body Lures

The Slim Twitcher was introduced in 2021 and has quickly become extremely adept at catching most popular estuary species including flathead, mangrove jack, barramundi and bream. It does not end there with fish also caught across reef flats and in impoundments on most sizes. The range was originally designed as a shallow diving suspending jerkbait, diving to a maximum of 2 metres.

The new Slim Twitcher Deep offers diving to depths of up to 3-metres, offering more versatility for the lure. XOS flathead, barra, and mangrove jack will love the new addition.

The 95mm dives to 2-metres, the 110 and 125 to 3.0 metres.


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