⅓ Neptune Tackle Flasher Lure

– ⅓ Neptune Tackle Flasher Lure

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Category: Teasers & Dredges
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FlasherThe Neptune Tackle Flasher Lure is a proven fish catcher.Top quality components matched with innovative design and bonus features not usually found on other lures ensure that you are using the best lure available.For salt and freshwater fish:Salmon- Tailor- Kingfish- Yellowbelly- Trout- Flathead- Mangrove Jack- Mackerel- Cod- Trevally- Mulloway- Barracuda- Salmon trout- Tuna- Snook- Herring- and many more.Perfectly weighted for maximum casting distance.Suitable for jigging- trolling- or cast and retrieve.Mirror quality chrome plating with holographic prism tape fitted to both sides of the lures produces a brilliant finish.Angled design for that erratic “dart and weave” to simulate a dying bait fish.Will work in saltwater and freshwater. From big tuna down to small trout.Stainless steel split rings and chemically sharpened hooks.Available in the following six sizes and three colours:10g – 40mm (Blue- Green- Red)20g – 60mm (Blue- Green- Red)40g – 80mm (Blue- Green- Red)65g – 100mm (Blue- Green- Red)85g – 120mm (Blue- Green- Red)125g – 140mm (Blue- Green- Red)

Weight: 100 g
Dimensions: 250 × 60 × 30 mm

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